Check out the SpinWheel – a programming teaching tool, launching on Kickstarter!

Gentner Lab student Jenna Ditto and a team of engineering and physics PhD students are developing the SpinWheel: a colorful, wearable kit to teach and learn physics and computer science in a fun, tangible way! The SpinWheel can be sported as a keychain or jewelry, and comes with a set of activities that you can follow along with to program the device into a step counter, a compass, a colorful display of LEDs, and more. The team is launching their kit on Kickstarter on Monday March 16. Visit their Kickstarter page to support them on March 16, or their website for more information about the project! All proceeds go towards funding Yale Society of Women Engineers STEM outreach events for students in Connecticut.

Third-Hand Smoke paper in Science Advances

Movie goers sitting with dangerous chemicals from smoking around them.Congratulations to Roger on his super cool paper that came out today in Science Advances, which is already generating a lot of interest. Thanks to the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for hosting me in Germany as a Research Fellow and enabling this exciting collaboration. Check out the paper at as well as the press release and multimedia at Follow us at @drew_gentner and @YaleSEAS on twitter for updates.

Understanding the molecular-level composition of organic aerosol

Check out Jenna Ditto’s new paper in Environmental Science & Technology Letters using MS/MS to look at organic aerosol functional groups across OA complex mixtures “Nontargeted Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis Reveals Diversity and Variability in Aerosol Functional Groups across Multiple Sites, Seasons, and Times of Day” at A very cool multi-site and multi-season study to elucidate the molecular-level composition of organic aerosol. Nice work Jenna!