Check out the SpinWheel – a programming teaching tool, launching on Kickstarter!

Gentner Lab student Jenna Ditto and a team of engineering and physics PhD students are developing the SpinWheel: a colorful, wearable kit to teach and learn physics and computer science in a fun, tangible way! The SpinWheel can be sported as a keychain or jewelry, and comes with a set of activities that you can follow along with to program the device into a step counter, a compass, a colorful display of LEDs, and more. The team is launching their kit on Kickstarter on Monday March 16. Visit their Kickstarter page to support them on March 16, or their website for more information about the project! All proceeds go towards funding Yale Society of Women Engineers STEM outreach events for students in Connecticut.

Our first LISTOS paper and the LISTOS data archive are live!

Congratulations to Haley Rogers on her paper that was just accepted to Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, which focuses on the impact of long-range transport of biomass burning emissions on New York City-area air quality, and studies two biomass burning pollution events observed during LISTOS (Long Island Sound Tropospheric Ozone Study) 2018! Check out Haley’s paper here.

The entire LISTOSĀ  2018 data archive is live! During LISTOS 2018, the Gentner Lab collected measurements of a variety of pollutants with reference instrumentation, as well as measurements of trace gas and particle phase compounds for high resolution mass spectrometry analysis at the Yale Coastal Field Station.

Gentner lab data (ozone, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, PM2.5, black carbon, local meteorology) are publicly available on the LISTOS archive. Data posted are from summer 2018-summer 2019, and we are actively collecting more data throughout 2019.

To learn more about the LISTOS campaign in general and to check out data from the many participating research groups, click here!