Elucidating Emissions & Impacts of Motor Vehicles

Emissions from motor vehicles are a very important source of emissions of several detrimental pollutants in populated regions. These emissions include primary pollutants (e.g. black carbon, nitrogen oxides) and reactive gas-phase organic precursors to secondary pollutants ozone and secondary organic aerosols. Recent work in our group has better characterized these emissions of organic compounds in the and their ability to impact air quality.
Gentner_Pic_1One recent paper looked at the composition of gasoline and diesel, and their impacts on organic aerosol formation in the atmosphere; it was published and highlighted in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Highlight in PNAS  Full Article with Supplement

Other work aims to address ozone formation potential of gasoline and diesel emissions, and look at the long-term trends in emissions of E.P.A. criteria pollutants in the U.S.

Chemical Composition of Gas-Phase Organic Carbon Emissions from Motor Vehicles and Implications for Ozone Production

Long-Term Trends in Motor Vehicle Emissions in U.S. Urban Areas

Stayed tuned for further analyses that explore the impacts of motor vehicles, including on a global scale.

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